Viktoria Keen

We can’t say enough about how impressed we are with Brian Romany!  His patience and skill are demonstrated not only on the ice, but in the noticeable improvements we see after every session.  He took, and continues to take the time to evaluate Markus and determine, as an individual, what areas need work.  He is not just “going through the motions” with a series of pre-determined drills that are the same for every skater.  He develops an individualized plan and implements it with persistence and patient determination.  In group skating scenarios, again there is a personalized approach, where the level of the group and their skill sets are carefully considered and used in the development of a purposeful approach.  We have seen an incredible improvement in Markus’s individual skills (balance, edges, strength and positioning) as well as in his overall hockey sense.  He is not only learning to develop his skills, but he is learning why each skill is important and how it fits within the game. Markus has participated in a number of different camps and clinics with a variety of coaches, but he always asks for Brian and we look forward to continuing to work with him!